There is a small religious group, which by November 2017 had about twenty members, which is called the Faithful Remnant and believe that they constitute the true Roman Catholic Church. The leader of the group is the Canadian Douglas (Doug) Kuzell who claims that he is the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus. Moreover, Kuzell and his wife, Teresa Jackson (Mary Romanus) claim that they are the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation 11:1-14. The following text was originally written in February 2017, but due to the quite dramatic development, it was updated in November 2017.

From 2009 onwards, there is a great abundance of reported celestial messages received by Kuzell and Jackson. The messages that the couple claim to have received is collectively known as The Testimony. It is described as the divine Great Warning and as a continuous revelation about and in the End Times, as well as a revelation about the Two Witnesses’ role during that period. Taken together, The Testimony is a very extensive document. A downloaded version would amount to some 1500 pages. The potential source material to this papal claim is thus enormous.

However, almost everything that is known about the activities of the Two Witnesses is found on their website:, which is considered a sacred scripture, and from video testimonies by them and some of their adherents, that are found on [Uppdate, November 2017: From October 29, 2017, the website of the two witnesses was closed for non-members. Nevertheless, a September 2017 cached version is available here.] There is hardly anything written about the group by outsiders, and to my knowledge, there are no scholarly studies at all. Given its explorative nature, my contribution should be considered a work in progress that hopefully will be revised and expanded.



At the current state of investigation, it is known that Douglas (Doug) Kuzell was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, Canada in the year 2003. Before that, he had been active as a musician. Kuzell’s first assignment after ordination was as an assistant priest in the Queen of Holy Rosary Church in Belleville. On a few websites, there are notes and pictures of him, dated between 2003 and 2006. It is mentioned that Kuzell visited the disputed apparition site of Medjugorje and that he, together with a group, attended the 2005 World Youth Day in Cologne.

Shortly after his ordination, in 2004, Kuzell launched a website called The website does not exist anymore, but I have been able to consult various cached versions through seems not to have been updated since May 2006. According to a declaration found on the website at that time, its purpose was “to give people access to a variety of Roman Catholic prayers and teachings. In all that we do, we strive to be faithful to the Magisterium (teaching authority) of the Roman Catholic Church.” The website included downloadable booklets with scriptural reflections on the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary, as well as other prayer collections. At the time, the site was moderated by Kuzell (though he did not mention his name on the site), but he stated that the work was done in cooperation with other priests and a group of laypeople.

Nothing in the available online sources from the period between 2003 and 2006 indicate anything extraordinary. Kuzell seems like an enthusiastic, newly ordained Roman Catholic priest.

Later in 2006, however, much appears to have happened in Kuzell’s life. At the current state of investigation, it is not possible to specify all details or establish an exact chronology of the events. Most of his own assertions about what happened were written at least five years later. In these testimonies, Kuzell stated that he left what he late referred to as the “Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution” on Christmas Day 2006. According to The Witnesses’ website, in January 2007, Kuzell married Teresa Jackson.

Not surprisingly, the Archdiocese of Kingston, to which Kuzell belonged, soon initiated a process of laicization. According to Catholic Canon Law, laicization does not mean that ordination is undone, as the sacrament is believed to have an indelible character. However, a laicized cleric is not permitted to act as a priest. Kuzell was formally laicized by the archdiocese in 2007, most probably in July, as the Two Witnesses later claimed that “The Abomination of Desolation” began in the Archdiocese of Kingston on July 7, 2007, as it had not “welcomed the Two Witnesses”.

According to them, the Abomination of Desolation–a term found in the Old Testament Book of Daniel–means that the sacraments were not efficacious anymore; that Christ had left the archdiocese. According to the Two Witnesses, this Abomination would then spread to the whole Roman Catholic Institution. Kuzell, however, claims that he continues to be a faithful Catholic priest and that the laicization meant nothing, as the diocesan authorities had no authority to defrock him. In fact, he is the only remaining Catholic cleric.

In 2011, and referring to messages received from Jesus, the Kuzell couple claimed that they were The Two witnesses, a concept referring to two prophets, who are mentioned in chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation. These apocalyptic prophets would have a central role in the End Time, and they would have exclusive authority to prophesize during three and a half years–more precisely 1,260 days.


Divine Messages and The Testimony

The Kuzell couple claims to have received their first messages from Jesus in August 2008, as they write: “Missing from this website page is a series of introductory messages dating from early August to September 11, 2008. These missing messages were received while ‘living in exile’ on Big Island, in the Bay of Quinte, Ontario.” They state that the texts disappeared while being investigated by the Archdiocese of Kingston. This assertion has not been possible to assess.

Most of The Testimony is made up by locutions of Jesus Christ, but to a lesser degree by Virgin Mary and other celestial beings, which are dated from September 2, 2009, onwards. During the first years, the messages included some favourable references to the prophet John Leary from Rochester, New York State, who claims that he has received daily celestial messages from 1993 until today. Leary started to disseminate them publically at the end of the 1990s, and currently, the messages are published on his website. He is an active speaker, travelling to different places to present the apocalyptic messages he claims to receive.

In a 2001 article called “The Remnant Faithful: A Case Study of Contemporary Apocalyptic Catholicism”, Amy Luebbers investigated a group of Leary’s followers. She saw some recurrent themes in their belief system, which reflected important features of Leary’s teaching: 1) Conservative Catholicism-in-Crisis, 2) Traditional Society-in-Crisis, 3) Conspiracy Mentality, 4) Thaumaturgical Legitimacy, 5) Conversion Experience, 6) Prayerful Activism of the Holy Elite, and 7) Duality of Good and Evil. Given these characteristics, and referring to Michael Cuneo’s research, Amy Luebbers writes that “Catholic apocalypticism is a unique expression of Catholicism that may be more easily identified with Protestant millenarianism, secular conspiracy theory, and political right-wing conservatism than mainstream Catholicism.” In line with that line of thought, she makes another important observation when she writes that:

The End Times dualism exemplified by these Catholic apocalyptics remains a fundamental challenge to the Sacred Imagination, for it appears distinctly “Protestant.” However, the End Times among these believers is a response to a society around them which they see becoming increasingly “Protestantized”. The perceived removal of the sacred from the world is a direct threat to the political and moral legitimation of traditional principles and social structures. To these believers, The End is the means by which the sacred will be reestablished in the world. The “Catholic” imagination remains evident in the construction of the End Times, perhaps most noticeable in the underlying principles guiding their religious expression of cultural fundamentalism, but also in the power of believers to bring about the End through the conversion of society to the “Catholic” perspective.

It seems that the Kuzell and Jackson were inspired by John Leary, and believed that the messages to him were accurate. The messages that they received 2009-2011 have a similar form and content as Leary’s. Nevertheless, in July 2011, the two claimed that from that time, Leary’s messages had become false; that God did not speak through him. Thus, there must have been some type of conflict between them, and the split would change the couple’s role. On the last day of July, they claimed to have received a message from Jesus which explained the new situation:

In J.L.’s [John Leary’s] messages, you will hear no more, of the true battle between good, and evil; but all of the words, will be watered down. Notice the tone – which is used, has no authority, and you both, are no longer transformed, by words of truth, and life; but remember, I told you to discern: the fleeces wearing thin in others; and internal voices. Well J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice; but demons, are giving him the words. This must all happen, for the appointed time to come, for you are in the time of the End – when even the greatest of saints, can lose his crown, through deceit – through all manners of evils; for no one is good on the face of the Earth apart from Me; but only with Me can they work out their salvation. And so therefore, no longer are you to read J.L.’s poison.  But read the Holy Scriptures instead; for this is only for your edification.  He has made his choice. (Jesus, July 31, 2011)

The only other contemporary visionary that is mentioned in the messages from 2009–2011 is Veronica Leuken, the controversial seer of Bayside, New York who reported to receive heavenly messages for two decades until her death in 1995. Another important aspect of her activities was the mysterious photographs that she and her followers thought contained apocalyptic messages and images on celestial beings. The local bishop publically condemned the messages that Leuken disseminated and the cult related to them. (For a study of Leuken and Bayside, see Laycock 2015). The Kuzell couple considered Leuken’s messages, as such, as truthful, but claimed that some of her adherents had misinterpreted them. The apocalyptic messages reported by Leuken are found in a similar vein as the messages to Leary and the Kuzells; they proclaim the End of the World and explain the signs of the Endtime; basically different catastrophes.

Many of the messages to Kuzell and Jackson from 2009 to 2011 describe a world in deep global crisis. The world (and the Catholic Church) is like the Titanic. An increasing number of disasters will occur, and UFO and demon sightings will be the norm. A great comet will destroy part of the world and a worldwide famine is approaching. The reason for this crisis is mainly moral. According to them, the sins of the world is mainly shown in “homosexuality, sodomy, pornography and abortion”, and they regard feminism is a psychological defect.

Their critique of media is complete; it is dominated by Freemasons and spreads lies to people. Among other things, they refer to TV-sets as “icy cold boxes of hell”. The governments, led by the United States, were on the road to becoming part of a world government, led by Freemasons, too. This world government enemy sought to control people with the help of every possible technical device, a prevalent conspiracy theory, which comes in different varieties. In a message from November 9, 2010, Jesus said:

The government has turned up all E.L.F. waves in your electronics, My children. These increasing waves of ‘Low Frequency’, are causing depression – in the both of you. This is not just going on here; but everywhere, on the North American continent. This is happening. This is very real. Also, the ‘H.A.A.R.P. Machine’ firings have been causing different moods to change in people. The government has more control over the people than you both quite realize.  … Pray that they be protected from E.L.F. waves, from microwave beams, laser guns, and ray guns; schism has begun,

On Christmas Eve, 2010, Jesus proclaimed the imminent coming of the Great Catastrophe, which meant that God’s justice will be shown in full and that a radical conversion is necessary to escape eternal perdition:

The Tribulation, is about to begin… World:  Meet, My Justice! Now more than ever, you are going to see a definitive line, between the good souls, and those who have chosen to embrace wickedness. The spiritual insanity within man, is now going to increase–worse than it has ever been before. With the lunar eclipse, and the moon darkened by blood–it is a sign, My children, that: the Tribulation, is about to begin– though it has begun, for many. The One World people, are ready to implement their plan–in full.  The “blood-red Moon”, is a sign of the coming wars, and carnage, to North America, and the World.  It is also a sign, of My Graces, being withdrawn– even from My Elect; if they do not seek Me, I am not going to “run after” people any longer. This is My Christmas present to the World:  Meet, My Justice! (Jesus, December 24, 2010)

In March 2012, the couple report that the divine locutions had changed form. Jesus’s monologue testimonies to them changed into a court format, where the two of them interacted together with different celestial beings, both the Virgin and a number of saints. These texts are published on the website, though the Two Witnesses claim that they have not been able to publish everything. The website is The Testimony. In a note found there they explain:

The Testimony of the 2 Witnesses is a written document that is so extensive, that if you printed it out, it would be more than a thousand pages long. The Testimony, is for the most part, the Word of God.  It is a series of statements that have been made by Jesus Christ the Lord, over the past several years, as He spoke to us, from His Throne in Heaven! The Testimony is mentioned in the Book of Revelations, in Chapter 11; and it is “the flying scroll” spoken of in the Book of Zecharaiah, in Chapter 5.” (March 1, 2012)

By 2012 their website had recently been launched (cf. cached versions on, and they claimed that it should be used to disseminate The Testimony to all humans, but they were clear over that only a small group would listen and believe in it. Those who listened and converted would constitute The Faithful Remnant Church. During the End Time, this Remnant Church would follow the messages of Heaven which were dictated to Kuzell and Jackson, the Two Witnesses. On March 10, 2012, Jesus gave directions for their web-based ministry.

Keep sending out e-mails, with links to your website My children, because this will help you to get the Word out, and is quite necessary for the spreading of the Truth.  There will be many people interested in this website. However not all will be “authentic seeking believers”, nor “authentic seeking Christians”. Many will reject the words, and many, will call down, a Heavy Judgement, upon themselves. But still some will receive the words into their hearts, and allow them, to transform them. These words will start a fire in souls everywhere. It was a good idea to caution people to read the first message of March, before they go on to the other text. I will lead you through the building up of this website My children, for I too, can use modern inventions, for the building up, of the faithful – as tools, to spreading My Ministry. This website is going to get “heavy traffic”; but do not be concerned with security or other domain names. These things are not necessary, for I am managing this website, and I have assigned Saint Michael to “look after” the hackers.  All those who try to take down My website, are “taking on” Me, My children, and it will not go well for them. But those, who seek to “spread these messages as quickly as possible”, will gather the rewards of the Saints (Jesus, March 12, 2012).

Thus, Jesus informed them that he would be a divine webmaster, and help them construct the site, so that The Testimony is disseminated in the most efficient way, but also that Michael the Archangel will function as a celestial firewall, stopping hackers who seek to destroy the ministry. Modern technology was, thus, not regarded as intrinsically evil, but could be used in the End Time Ministry.


The Two Witnesses and the Papacy

The relation between the Two Witnesses and the papacy is a quite complicated matter. There is an evolution of the idea of Kuzell being the Pope and his wife,  Teresa Jackson, being a mediatrix, the receiver of the messages, which are read out to Douglas Kuzell. Already in 2010, Kuzell and Jackson claimed to have been elected the “two intercessors” on behalf of the Faithful Remnant Church (Jesus, October 20, 2010). Somewhat later, they reported that Christ was present in the two of them, stating “Can he [Jesus referring to himself] not also dwell within two souls, in a very unique way?  Can God’s Eucharistic Presence, not enter into, and be with, His Two Witnesses – His True brother and sister?” (Jesus, January 2, 2011).

Indeed, their marriage was mystical in nature, and the two were made one body: “You are experiencing the fruits of ‘a Blessed Marriage’.  …  Be a beacon of light for them, so when they look at you, they see a reflection of the Holy Family, and how marriage is supposed to be (Jesus, January 3, 2011). Still, even in the future, there should be an internal hierarchy among the Two Witnesses: male was considered superior to female, and Douglas Kuzell would be the pope, Petrus Romanus (a name found in Malachi’s Prophesy of the the Popes). In a message Jesus told them:

Peter, you are My Rock, and upon you, I will continue to build, My Faithful Remnant Church.  You are My True Pope…  Mary, you represent My True Church, called to be faithful, docile, and obedient, to Me, through your husband.  So love one another, as I have loved you, as I rejoice in the arms, and the heart, of My Bride, so too must you, My son. And as My True Church submits to Me, everything, so must you do likewise, My child.  You both are ‘walking allegories’, or metaphors, of the Truth, that I have revealed to My Faithful Remnant Followers – to My Holy Apostles.  There is a reason I had the Church, focus on its identity as My bride, and I as its Groom. You both are “far from perfect”, and I am not here to condemn you, but challenge you to be who I made you to be: “symbolic instruments” of, My True Church, and My love for her, and her for Me. Yes you will be hated by everyone; but that is your cross – to share in My suffering, of being abandoned, by all.  This is you vocation. Accept it. Live it to the fullest. And you both will become enamored in My love for your souls – that these problems, and challenges, and yes, even inconveniences, will not matter any more. For what will truly matter to you both, is only doing the Eternal Father’s Will and Pleasure and that is the secret – therein, you will find Eternal Happiness. My strength in life, came from “seeking, God the Eternal Father’s Will”.  It was “thoughts of His love, for Me”, and “My love, for Him”, and “Our love, for mankind”, that kept me moving forward – all the way to Mount Calvary. So too is it to be the same for you both. Share in Our Love more deeply, and be “more happy”. (Jesus, January 23, 2011)

This reported collective, and unique, role of the Two Witnesses was prevalent in the messages throughout 2011 and 2012. They were the chosen ones, the only people through whom the divine End Time messages would be communicated to humanity that was in dire straits. Few people would listen to The Testimony they proclaimed, but the messages included an explicit parallelism between the way the Two Witnesses would be treated and how Christ was persecuted and finally put to death.

Remember my people, No one knew – at the time, what “the Messiah”, was “going to be like”.  Never “did they think”, that I was “the fulfillment”. Those skeptics!  They, did not believe. Those Pharisees!!  They worked “together”, to put Me, to death! Those hypocrites!! were “white washed tombs, with dead man’s bones inside”!  For they only held, to “the letter, of the law”; they did not “leave room, for new revelation”.  They did not, leave room, for the Truth – to speak elsewhere!  Except by their “own scrolls”, and their “own laws” (Jesus, December 5, 2012).

A reported statement by Jesus to the Two Witnesses which was dated on December 8, 2012, is of particular importance in order to understand their claims today. According to that locution, Kuzell had, in fact, already been made pope more than five years earlier, on Easter Sunday 2007. On that day, he had been in Rome, attending mass in the St. Peter’s Basilica, but on that occasion, Pope Benedict’s “anointing was taken away”; he was no longer pope, but an antipope. Speaking to Douglas Kuzell, Jesus explained.

When you were at the Cathedral [St. Peter’s Basilica] My son, you sacrificed much, for proclaiming the Truth, and speaking the words to the people, that would “bring them Life” – if they “wanted any”.  You did not seek, “a hidden agenda” – of your own.  But with “simplicity”, and “all humility”, you fed your flock… you were the one, who was listening, to the True Holy Spirit; and you “did not care”, how you were perceived – by others; because you valued, your own soul; as well as the souls around you.  – – –

Now in your case My son… you were to be made, “future Pope”… You, My son, would not “bow”, to “their agenda” – to their image, of their god.  You would not succumb to “the pressure”… your “ways” were “a reflection of Mine”. Now you have your sins, faults, and failings. Just as the first Peter did! But I still made him “leader”– over the other Apostles; and, he had “to serve” – serve what? …  to serve, the Truth, to those around him – to his fellow, ‘apostles’?  How about, ‘to clothe their nakedness’, when they were in error?  Or to feed them the Truth when they, were hungry?  How about, naming, “the addictions” or “problems”, around him – so that souls would “know what to fix”…

You were “a light”, shining, in their, darkness! And their sins, were “uncovered”, when you “spoke the Truth”, to the people; when you were “unrelenting in your fortitude and zeal”! You would not change My Mass for anything!  For you knew, ‘It was not yours to change”!!!  You have “the fear of the Lord” – and this is the beginning, of wisdom! At most of your masses, you united “My Precious Blood”, with “the blood of the unborn souls”… For just as Joseph had his “coat of many colors” (– for he had been given “many gifts, of the True Holy Spirit”… for he “only wanted to serve Me, and to love them”), there is “a deep parallel” here My son: between Joseph and his brothers, and “you, and the Cathedral” (– and you, and “those who once were your brother priests”).  You are My Second Coming My son; and your wife shares in this, as you are “one flesh”… did you not visit Rome? – and receive Benedict’s anointing?… You were there, in Vatican City… Easter, Sunday – you were made, Pope!  In 2007.” (Jesus, December 8, 2012)

According to this message reported towards the very end of 2012, Kuzell had already been pope for five and a half years, and that he had been elected at the very centre of Catholicism, the Saint Peter’s Basilica. According to Jesus, Kuzell had the right spirit to become his vicar in the End Time, as the Roman pope, Benedict had betrayed him. In fact, Peter and Mary Romanus were the Second Coming of Christ. To further back up his claims to the papacy, Kuzell also used and interpreted a number of prophecies that are common in the discourse Catholic apocalypticism, and by people who claim that they, not the man in Rome, is the true pope, or more specifically, that they are the last pope in history. Christ explained the content of the papal predictions and the reasons for the fall of Benedict XVI:

the prophecies, of Malachi, speak, about you My son, as well, as the prophecy, of Saint Francis, of Assisi, as well as other prophesies I did not change, I always remained, the same.  But the institution, that I founded, drastically changed, over time – to the point, where it is “unrecognizable”; where its “ways of tolerance” are foreign to Me.  Because, Benedict is “a freemason”, and is one, of the highest ranking officials, in that church. Well “freemasonry” is a form of Satanism. And My anointing for that position cannot rest on someone so involved in that “sick organization”. For “the Keys”, have been given, to Pope Peter – the Last, to Petrus Romanus, My True Pope. For he shall unlock, and lock as he desires. For in his will, he desires ‘perfect unity with Mine’. And he shall bind, and none shall loose. And he shall loose, and none, shall bind – for he is also one of My Two Witnesses. No harm will come to him – though souls may try – they will be “utterly defeated” from the very beginning! For I have given him: authority – even over the Holy Angels themselves.  And I have given him power to deliver, from the hand of “the enemy” – those who desire to be “set free” – but “not without their cooperation!” (Jesus, October 27, 2012)

The evil and global power of Freemasonry is a standard ingredient in the world of Catholic apocalypticism. Its proponents claim that Freemasons have entered into the highest echelons of the church, and the government. The alleged Freemasonry of the church leaders, including Pope Benedict was the main reason for God leaving the Catholic Institution. The new, real pope would lead the Remnant in the End Time, and the Keys of Heaven was given to Douglas Kuzell, Petrus Romanus.

On December 14, 2012, the change of the Vicar of Christ, and the truth of Kuzell being Petrus Romanus was verified in a message from Saint Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II. With the papal exchange and the beginning of the last pontificate, all people had received the mark of the beast on Christmas day 2012. To summarize the testimonies of the Two Witnesses, the papacy and the End Time that only had been revealed towards the end of 2012, this timeline could be helpful,

Easter Sunday 2007: Kuzell was made Pope, as God took away the “anointing” of Benedict XVI and gave it to him. Thus, he became the last pope, Petrus Romanus. This event was revealed in a heavenly message five years later, on December 8, 2012.

March 7, 2007: According to later heavenly messages, The Abomination of Desolation began in the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, because it rejected the Two Witnesses.

October 3, 2009: The Abomination of Desolation culminates in all religious institutions without exception; the Sacraments are not valid anymore. From this date, the Holy Sacrifice was only validly celebrated by the Last Pope.

November 1, 2012: Divine presence was removed from the whole Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution. God is only present The Faith Remnant Church, according to a message from Dec 8, 2012.

December 8, 2012: The Two Witnesses receive the message that Douglas Kuzell had been the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus, since 2007.

December 25, 2012:  Humanity, excluding the few who had not accepted the messages disseminated by the Two Witnesses, received the Mark of the Beast.

The Faithful Remnant would escape the emptiness of the Roman Catholic Church, which had been abandoned by its divine founder due to its unfaithfulness and sinfulness. In a message Christ hurled malediction against the Antichurch and the Antipope, warning people to have any contact with that organization.

For the institution, [– and in this sentence, Jesus is also referring to all religious institutions, in addition to that…] of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Structure, is, “a sinking, oil tanker”! – spewing “black sludge”, over everything it touches.  Because, I, am, not, with, “that boat”, any longer.  I have given, the example, for these times, in, My Gospel! … Therefore, for people to say: that I would never “abandon”, the institution, that I founded – is pure folly! For it is written – in My Gospel.  And for those who have “eyes to see”, it is “quite clear”. And for those who have ears, to hear – they do understand!

The institution “severed itself” from Me; and I from it. The institution, has rejected, the Pontiff that I have chosen, to represent Me – to the people, and, to the clergy.  The institution has “decided to go-it alone”!! And so I am waiting for people to cry out – to Me, with these simple words: “Lord, save me for I am perishing!”  But ‘the catch’ is: they must do! – what I am asking – of them; just, as the First Peter did; just, as the Last Peter is doing.  I am asking people to fix their eyes, on Me! – during this time; to leave their boats! – behind; to follow in Pope Peter’s footsteps; to flee their institutions; and to live a life “completely, devoted to My Will”.  It is that simple. And that is how they – the people, will be nourished, and will be “able to stand”, with their eyes “fixed on Me” – during, this time, of desolation! (Jesus, February 4, 2013)

The End of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass, the Blessed Water and the End of this Era

According to messages from Christ, reported by The Two Witnesses, since October 3, 2009, Petrus Romanus had been the only person on earth who had offered valid Mass. On the website, there is a large number of video clips, where he reads the Mass. Nevertheless, on Sunday, April 7, 2013, Heaven informed the Two Witnesses that this phase had ended. In a reported message, Jesus said

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has now been completely abolished.  This means, there is no more “expiation of sins”, and the World, as you know it, can ONLY spiral downwards, until the Face of the Earth is destroyed in part, and then FULLY renewed.  The Escalation in the manifestations of the Justice of the Most High True God, until the End of this Era, now begins!

In a message, dated a few days earlier, on April 2, 2013, Christ had established a substitute for Mass, which the faithful should employ during the End time: Holy Water, which will remove the Mark of the Beast.

 Can’t My Blessings, reach across Nations? – My children. Therefore, I declare, as of this night, that those souls – as in, “individuals”, who have seen your Mass videos, or who have read My Testimony, desiring unity, with My Divine Will, shall have their Holy Water: Blessed. If they acknowledge, their True Vicar; if they stop going, to their ‘institutions’, and if they continue, to read, My Testimony – I shall Bless, their Holy Water, with the True Holy Spirit, that they may have, this “outward sign”, of Defense, against “the enemy” of their souls. You just need a little container, you can carry with you. Bless yourselves often. Repent, of your sins. And be purified, of all evil doing!  For My Holy Spirit, seeks to dwell, within souls – who seek to strive for ‘Holiness’ – through the use of this Blessed Holy Water.

Before blessing themselves, the members of the Faithful Remnant should thus confess their sins. They should also state that “now, with your Testimony, moving through your son, Jesus Christ, the Lord – Most High True God, I ask that the burning Flame, and Fire, of the True Holy Spirit: Ignite My soul, this day, to become, ‘a burning bush’”. Thus, the introduction to the rite of the blessed water included both a confession of sins and a confession of faith, the belief in the Testimony. The rite continued in the following way, and it could be repeated as often as possible. The Two Witnesses explained how the rite should be performed.

By the power of this Holy Water, (pour some Holy Water into the palm of your right hand),

And through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord,

May Almighty God – the Most High True God,

Deliver me, from every evil spirit, demonic cluster and satanic stronghold,

Poison, corruption and wedge of the enemy, his minions and his followers,

In the Name of the Most High True God,

The Father (touch Holy Water to forehead with right hand),

And of the Son (touch stomach),

And of the True Holy (touch left shoulder)

Spirit (touch right shoulder).


The Faithful Remnant was also told how the rite was related to the Two Witnesses, the pope, the Testimony, and the website which made it up.

“The Holy Spirit have been removed from ALL of the Churches! In HIS Mercy! YOU can NOW experience His Real Presence and the True Holy Spirit simply by reading This WEBSITE”. “Those who read My website, for at least 15 minutes, and spend time with Me, in reading the daily prayers, and praying them – from, their hearts, will receive “an Apostolic Blessing” – so that they, experience, the fullest Communion with Me, in their “interior lives”. As they read My words, and receive them! – and allow themselves to be “transformed in the Truth”, then they will become “Blessed – beyond belief”!  The “Apostolic Blessing”, will be through Pope Peter the Last.

Not surprisingly, the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of his successor, Francis did not change the Two Witnesses’ opposition against Rome and their belief that God had left the Catholic Institution. In a message from Jesus, dated on October 17, 2013, and on many other occasions. Francis was called an Antipope, an Anti-Peter.

In contrast to Benedict XVI, whom they believed to have lost his “anointment”, Francis had never been the pope as he had not been “anointed” at all. Therefore, they thought that he would become the final destroyer of “the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution”. In many messages, the President of the United States Barack Obama was presented as the Antichrist and as “Hitler’s twin”. In fact, the reported messages, claim that in a sense both Francis and Obama are Antichrists. “For he [Francis] is the full manifestation of the Antichrist, in the religious arena, and he works closely with Obama, who is the full manifestation of the antichrist in the political arena.”

During 2014 and 2015, the Testimony included messages about an increasing number of catastrophes, wars, and atrocities that are signs of the End Time running out. The final judgment is soon to come. They also imply that God especially wanted to afflict the “Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution”, the clerics and the members at large, as they were considered satanic. On August 28, 2015, the Two Witnesses could report that

Beginning at 6:45 p.m. UTC – Saint Michael the Archangel, began administering “MORE PHYSICAL afflictions” – the Most High True God’s Divine Justice – to every “in personae satanae” priest of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution – EVERY time they invoke the name “Francis” during their “satanic masses” – referring to the masses that are open to the public. Saint Michael is also administering MORE personal physical afflictions to everyone who receives “the body of the enemy of Souls” – in that religious institution – EVERY time they receive it.  This update thus far, is really just for “closure” to the August 19 update (– you can call it, “artistic license”). We gave the Vatican a week to make their video. We got the reply we were waiting for. And then the Just Response from Heaven began to manifest –globally – at the Sunday Mass that Followed – local time.  We warned people not to go into “the great harlot of Rome” – because whores, can only spread PHYSICAL diseases, to those who want to become “one flesh” with them. The people attending the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution have been consuming “the body of the devil” since October of 2009 – they lost their Souls in 2012, and then received “the SPIRITUAL mark of Cain in 2015 – and it is now time for them to PHYSICALLY, manifest the SIGNS of becoming “ONE FLESH” with that disgusting and vile creature.

The global distribution of the spiritual and physical Marks of Cain was one of the final acts in the End-time. Though no exact date for the end of Francis’s “anti-papacy” was given in the Testimony, it included some quite concrete indications. Jesus was reported to have declared that

All have received the Mark of Cain on Christmas day 2015. But as a result of the December 9, 2015 Message from the Throne of the King of Heaven, the clock has now officially begun to tick down on The End of Antipope Francis’ anti-papacy.  8 months and 10 days from today’s announcement, would be August 19, 2016 – just in case anyone is wondering what the identical timeframe looks like.”

August 19, 2016, came, and the end of the world did not happen. Still, the passing of that date implied an evident change in the activities of the Two Witnesses. The Testimony was not updated anymore. God had declared everything, though the texts on the webpage would be revised and earlier messages that had been excluded would be included.

The Testimony of the Two Witnesses – as in, “the HEAVENLY Court Case” Testimony – concluded on August 20, 2016. “This concludes the written Testimony of the Two Witnesses. WE, have done ‘OUR part’. Now the Most High TRUE God, is GOING to do ‘HIS’.” (August 20, 2016, at 1:00 am, UTC).

Still, the Two Witnesses did not indicate an exact day for the Final Judgements.  On New Year’s Day 2017, they wrote

[D]id you know that it is only 936 days, until the end of the 2300 days, foretold by the Old Testament Prophet Daniel?  The illuminati know that their time is short, and so things are going to get even more interesting, as the clock ticks down, to that historical milestone – to “a turning point in human history”, that they can NOT change, or influence, in any way.”

That would mean that they predict the End to mid-2019, while not being sure.


UPDATE: Developments During 2017

When I wrote the preceding text in February 2017, you could find very little information on the Two Witnesses apart from their website. As I wrote the first longer text on the Witnesses and the group around them, several people contacted me to tell me about their experience with the group and Kuzell-Jackson couple. Most of them were former members, while some have family members still in the group.

From these testimonies, we know that the faithful remnant never surpassed seventy people and that it is currently down to about twenty (early November 2017). Apart from this group, which were considered the only Christians in the world, there is a group who want to (re)join them. While it was quite challenging to enter the group, it was even more difficult to remain there. Excommunications were very common

There is a physical community where some of faithful are living. It is in the Tacoma area in the state of Washington, in the United States, while Kuzell and Jackson reportedly live in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, close to the border. Members have relocated to Tacoma, from many parts of the world.

On October 29, 2017, the Two Witnesses’ website was closed to outsiders. To access it you need a password, which is only given to the faithful. Nevertheless, a cached version of the website as of September 12, 2017, is found on

At the same time, the earlier messages on the Two Witnesses’ YouTube-channel was deleted, and there are currently only two videos there. One of these is a six-minute-video, dated October 31, 2017 is entitled, “the Door of the Ark is Now Closed.” A young man, Matthew, announces that from October 29 onwards, the Two Witnesses’ website, The Testimony, is only accessible for the “official members of the Faithful Remnant”, which is synonymous with the true Roman Catholic Church and the Body of Christ. The website is “the food” for this Body. Matthew states that God has decided that those outside the Remnant, those belonging to the Body of Satan, should no longer have access to the nourishment of “The Testimony”.

Matthew is visibly happy about the fact that no outsiders will find the Testimony any longer and that the time for God’s justice has come. He smiles when guessing that those visiting the site finding the “access-denied message” will experience an “Oh-shit-moment” or many “Oh-ship-moments” as not only will the outsiders lack the “nourishment” of the Testimony, but they will not receive the “updates”, the new messages from Heaven in the End-time. With another smile, he states that “time has run out.”

On November 3, 2017, another young man appeared in another video announcing that the Youtube channel will only be accessible for the members of the Faithful Remnant by November 8, 2017. It also includes the following written message.

The November 08, 2017 updates are now visible, to those who have been granted “access”.  Given the current spiritual state of the world, as revealed by all of Heaven, we are not accepting ANY! – “new Members”, to the Faithful Remnant Church.  And Jesus Christ the Lord has REVEALED, that THOSE knocking on the DOOR to the Ark, in our MAILBOX – are not “sincere”.  ONLY, when they see, “COMPLETE devastation” – HAPPEN, ALL around them – will they actually, “wake up”; and even SINCERELY desire, to be ‘a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant’.

We WARNED people this time was COMING, when the TESTIMONY would no LONGER be available.  Time’s UP!  Welcome to “the Battle of Armageddon”, and to “the TIME of the Apocalypse”.

Know that the Faithful Remnant Playlists, are ONLY accessible, to the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And they are now PART of the Testimony.

There are now a few available critical internet resources on the Two Witnesses. One is a blog called One of the bloggers, Annie, is a former member of the Two Witnesses’ Faithful Remnant. On November 5, Annie summarized some of the things that are known about the current status of the Faithful Remnant.

  • Most–but not all–of them live in Tacoma, Washington, nearby each other
  • The group has around twenty official members
  • There is an unknown number of trial members
  • I think there are probably 20-50 more who believe it but are not official members because they were kicked out or not allowed to join (I know of a couple, one of which is a relative).
  • As of late Spring 2017, Doug Kuzell lived in Canada nearby Tacoma, Washington. I’m not sure if that’s still true.

Annie also summarised some beliefs and practises which the Faithful Remnant currently adhere to:

  • They cannot go to church
  • They must throw out their television.
  • They isolate themselves from their family (which they call their “former family”) and friends and avoid social contact. This is because they think everyone is very sinful and may drag them away from TTW.
  • They cannot eat any meat except chicken. This is said to prepare them for “the era of peace”.
  • They can only wear clothing with certain fabrics, and cannot wear black.
  • They avoid touching people or making eye contact because they think that will cause the other person’s devil’s to come into them.
  • They cannot read the Bible or writings by the saints; they can only read from the TTW website.

From April 2017, another former member of the Faithful Remnant, Chuck, has published a long series of detailed and very critical testimonies about the Two Witnesses and the group around.


The Website of the Two Witnesses:

[Update, November 2017: The Witnesses website is down, for a cached version from September 2017, see 

The YouTube-channel of the Two Witnesses, including testimonies of their adherents:

The Cached Versions of the Prayer Necessities website:

The TTW is False blog:

Chuck’s YouTube-channel:


Joseph P. Laycock, The Seer of Bayside: Veronica Lueken and the Struggle to Define Catholicism, Oxford University Press, 2015.

Amy Luebbers, “The Remnant Faithful: A Case Study of Contemporary Apocalyptic Catholicism”, Sociology of Religion 62.2 (2001): 221–241


6 thoughts on “The Faithful Remnant and the Canadian Last Pope

  1. “Pope Peter the Last” has decreed that Satan has infiltrated the entertainment industry and that members of the Faithful Remnant can not watch movies at theaters or on TV, they can’t watch TV, listen to the radio or music, or read books or the bible. The bible has been replaced by the new scriptures given to him personally by God and Jesus.


  2. Expecting the Faithful Remnant members to isolate themselves from their “former” family and friends is a classic cult tactic. By isolating the members they are forcing the members to become more dependent on the cult for some sort of social interaction.
    I didn’t know eating only chicken was biblical. I would have thought lamb, goat and fish would have been more appropriate.
    Members can’t wear black, red or dark colored clothing because that is the colors the devil wears. Also members can’t wear leather because the devil wear leather. Leather shoes are okay because that symbolizes that the members are putting the devil under their feet.


  3. Being a member of the Faithful Remnant is hard on marriages. Married couples may have joined but they didn’t stay married for long. I don’t think there is a single married couple in the remnant at all. It is almost like “Pope Peter” doesn’t want his members to have any alligences to anything or anyone other than to him and the Faithful Remnant.
    There is no intimacy in the Faithful Remnant because the only reason for that is to have children, and it seems that children are not welcome in the Faithful Remnant because they are full of evil spirits.


      1. Magnus, you are welcome. After my wife join the Faithful Remnant I hung around long enough to learn this, and that is what turned me off, that and Pope Peter. Have you ever met someone and you immediately got an uneasy feeling about them. That is the way I felt when I watch Pope Peter’s videos. There was something creepy about the videos and him.


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