Here you will find a collection of links related to one of my non-academic areas of interest: fountain pens.


Fountain Pen Network – International forum with discussions on all pen related topics

Richard’s Pens – Very useful site including a detailed Glossopedia of pen terms

Pen Hero – Online Writing Instruments Magazine, including many articles and link collections – Fountain pen info in German

Pen addict – Blog and podcasts on pen and ink related questions

Links to other pen blogs

The penguin pen – Information on Pelikan pens

Parker pens – Lots of info on Parker pen history

Reservoarpennor – Site in Swedish

Pennspecialisten – Site in Swedish

Fountain Pen Manufacturers and Dealers

Links to Pen manufacturers 

Links to Pen dealers (new pens)

Links to Pen dealers (vintage pens)

Pendemonium – U.K. pen dealer

Past pens – U.K. pen dealer

Pen board – German pen dealer

P.W. Akkerman – Dutch pen dealer

Tema-Penne – Danish pen dealer

Penshoppen – Swedish pen dealer (new pens)

Brobergs — Swedish pen dealer (new pens; specialized in Montblanc)

NK papper – Paper and pen shop in Stockholm

Pen Chalet – U.S. pen dealer (new pens)

Indy-pen-dance – U.S. pen dealer

Vintage pens – U.S. pen dealer

The Pen Market – U.S. pen dealer

Classic Fountain Pens – U.S. pen dealer

Ink-pen  – U.S. pen dealer

Catawiki – Auction site

Ebay – Auction site

Tradera – Swedish auction site






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