Recent Documents by Palmarian Pope Peter III, November 2016-January 2017

Recent Documents by Palmarian Pope Peter III, November 2016-January 2017

There is a Facebook group that I have referred to several times, and which is devoted to critical studies on the Palmarian Church. It provides a forum for ex-Palmarians, others who have been affected by the church as well as outsiders, like myself, who have an interest in this group. Particularly during 2016, when pope Gregory XVIII left the church, the Facebook group  developed into the most important source of information to all things Palmarians, publishing news, images and documents.

Now, they have published another recent document written by Pope Peter III. It’s his fourth Apostolic Letter, dated on December 8, 2016. The letter-here in its English version-contains six pages of information about the histories of three devotions that are important to Palmarians (as well as to many Roman Catholics): The Infant Jesus of Prague, Our Many of Perpetual Succour and Mary Auxiliatrix. Nevertheless, the first two pages of the apostolic letter includes the Palmarian pope’s description of the current situation of the church, the ex-pope and not least diatribes against ex-Palmarians and Palmarians who have contact with such people, providing them with information.

Peter III Apostolic Letter, December 2016

In November 2016, the Facebook group also published a brief papal report about the ceremonies at the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Palmar on October 12 and 13, 2016. This document is also found here:

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Chriszekal Elias a.k.a Peter II: The Pope of Eddystone, Pennsylvania

Chriszekal Elias a.k.a Peter II: The Pope of Eddystone, Pennsylvania

Chester Olszewski from the United States is one of the least known of the modern alternative popes. He was a cradle Catholic who converted to the Episcopalian Church and became a priest. From 1974, he served as a priest in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. In the following year, he became convinced that a statue of the Sacred Heart Christ, owned by a Catholic woman, Anne Poore, bled and bore the stigmata. Olszewski brought the statue to church, where he made it the central devotion.

 Shortly thereafter, Olszewski and Poore claimed to be divinely chosen to restore the traditional Catholic faith; God had converted them to Catholicism. In order to re-establish the true Catholic Church, Olszewski needed to become a bishop and he soon found an independent bishop who provided him with the much sought-after apostolic succession.

On 31 May 1977, Olszewski proclaimed himself Pope Chriszekiel Elias at a ceremony in St. Lukes’s Episcopal Church in Eddystone, alleging that God himself had elected him and provided him with his new name. Later he began to call himself Peter II, the last pope in history.

Here you can read my article on the Pope of Eddystone, Anne Poore and their church. It’s the first more extensive study on the subject.

Chriszekal Elias a.k.a. Peter II: The Pope of Eddystone, Pennsylvania