My name is Magnus Lundberg and I’m Professor of Church and Mission Studies at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University, Sweden. Though I teach Church and Mission History more broadly, much of my own research has focused on colonial Latin American church history. Still, in recent years I have devoted much time to the study of Catholic traditionalism and Fringe Catholicism, especially modern alternative popes (“antipopes”).

Here, I  publish research papers and drafts on topics that are of interest to me. Most of the articles will be in English, but some will be in Spanish or in my mother tongue, Swedish. Some of the texts have been published elsewhere (as books or articles), but here they will be available open-access. Some texts are written exclusively for this blog.

Contact: magnus.lundberg@teol.uu.se

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Reservoarpennor: design, teknik och historia

Reservoarpennor: design, teknik och historia

I Sverige är det ovanligt att samla på pennor och det finns i princip inga omfattande texter om reservoarpennor på svenska, vare sig i tryckt eller digital form. Genom att framförallt utgå från exempel ur min egen samling vill jag därför ge ett bidrag genom skriften Reservoarpennor: design, teknik och historia (2019; 261 sid) som är fritt tillgänglig för nedladdning här 

Screenshot 2019-05-01 01.18.39

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2018: Some Good Reads

2018: Some Good Reads

Here is a list of books that I have enjoyed in 2018 (and the last months of 2017), which are not that closely related to my main areas of research.

Berg, Annika. De samhällsbesvärliga: förhandlingar om psykopati och kverulans i 1930- och 1940-talets Sverige.

Berntson, Martin. Kättarland: en bok om reformationen i Sverige.

“Boltzianismen”; skandinavisk kulturbild.

Bradley, J.E. & Muller, R.A. Church History: An Introduction to Research Methods and Resources.

Braw, Christian. Islossningen: Peter Lorenz Sellergrens teologi och hans själavård.

Cassar, Carmel. A Concise History of Malta.

Engelstein, Laura. Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom.

Feloni, Fernando. The Church in Iraq.

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Palmarian Photos

Palmarian Photos

As a part of my extensive documentation and study of the Palmarian Church, I publish a sizeable collection of images that were published digitally by the Church ca. 2002.

The first document includes pictures of the apparition site at Palmar de Troya, the first chapel that was built there and not least the construction of the enormous Palmarian Basilica. It includes 129 images. See Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian Basilica

The second document includes pictures of Palmarian chapels around the world. It includes 197 images. See Palmarian Chapels worldwide.


Recensioner i Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 2018

Recensioner i Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 2018

Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift ges sedan år 1900 ut av Svenska kyrkohistoriska föreningen. Varje årgång innehåller vetenskapliga artiklar, men inte minst ett stort antal recensioner av kyrkohistoriskt relevant litteratur. Information hur man blir medlem i föreningen och därigenom erhåller årsboken finns här.

I årsskriften 2018 bidrar jag med fyra recensioner:

Moshe Sluhovsky
BECOMING A NEW SELF: Practices of Belief in Early Modern Catholicism.
Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press 2017, 215 sid.

Jane Samson
RACE AND REDEMPTION: British Missionaries Encounter Pacific Peoples, 1797‒1920 (Studies in the History of Christian Mission).
Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company 2017, 274 sid.

Anh Q. Tran
GODS, HEROES, AND ANCESTORS: An Interreligious Encounter in Eighteenth-Century Vietnam (American Academy of Religion: Religion in Translation).
New York: Oxford University Press 2018, 364 sid.

Jens Holger Schjørring & Norman A. Hjelm (red.) samt Kevin Ward (medredaktör för vol. III).
Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2017¬‒2018

Vol. I: European and Global Christianity, ca. 1500‒1789, 457 sid.
Vol II: History of Christianity in the 19th Century, 346 sid.
Vol. III: History of Christianity in the 20th Century, 526 sid.

Mina recensioner är tillgängliga i fulltext här