Högt ovanför klausuren: Spansk-amerikanska kontemplativa kvinnors andliga flygfärder

Högt ovanför klausuren: Spansk-amerikanska kontemplativa kvinnors andliga flygfärder

Min artikel “Högt ovanför klausuren: Spansk-amerikanska kontemplativa kvinnors andliga flygfärder” publicerades i Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 116 (2016) och finns tillgänglig i fulltext nedan.

Artikeln behandlar förhållandet mellan apostoliskt och kontemplativt religiöst liv i kolonialtidens spanska Amerika. Huvuduppgiften är att analysera berättelser om kontemplativa kvinnors, i synnerhet nunnors, roll för andra människors frälsning.

Mer konkret är det en studie av en kontemplativ missionsstrategi: andliga flygfärder till missionsfälten. En mindre grupp spansk-amerikanska kvinnor menade att de på ett mystikt sätt hade rest till avlägsna områden. Där hade de kunnat göra observationer av missionsarbete, men många av dem hävdade dessutom att de bedrivit ett arbete som liknade de manliga missionärernas, till exempel genom att undervisa, predika och döpa. På detta sätt menade de att de rört sig långt bortom det mycket avgränsade fysiska rum som tilldelades kvinnor.

Artikel i fulltext


Book reviews

Book reviews

During the years I have written quite a large number of scholarly book reviews (most of them in Swedish). Here is a list of  some them.

[Review of:] Joachim Östlund, Saltets pris: Svenska slavar i Nordafrika och handeln i Medelhavet 1650-1770, Signum 2015:4.

[Review of] John M Flannery, The Mission of the Portuguese Augustinians in Persia and Beyond (1602-1747), Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 115 (2015).

[Review of:] Karl Offen & Terry Rugeley, The Awakeing Coast: An Anthology of Moravian Writings from Mosquita and Eastern Nicaragua, 1549-1899. Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 115 (2015).

[Review of:] Ana Carolina Hosne, The Jesuit Missions to China and Peru, 1570-1610: Expectations and Appraisals of Expansionism. Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 115 (2015)

[Review of]: Pamila Gupta, The Relic State: St. Francis Xavier and the Politics of Ritual in Portuguese India. Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift 115 (2015).

[Review of]: Steven E. Turley, Franciscan Spirituality and Mission in New Spain, 1524-1599. Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift, 114 (2014).

[Review of]: Edward T. Brett, The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family: African American Missionaries to the Garifuna of Belize Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift, 114 (2014).

[Review of]: Franklin Steven Jabini, Christianity in Suriname Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift, 114 (2014).

[Review of:] Mónica Díaz, Indigenous Writings from the Convent: Negotiating Ethnic Autonomy in Colonial Mexico, Tucson 2011, Kyrkohistorisk årsskrift, 112 (2012).

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Catholic Archives

Catholic Archives

“Roman Catholic Archives in Latin America: Status Quaestionis”

Magnus Lundberg

Published in SMT: Swedish Missiological Themes/ Svensk Missionstidskrift 95:1 (2007) – Special issue on Archives, Societal Amnesia and Survival.

The aim of this article is to give a brief overview of the current status of Roman Catholic archives in Latin America. It is an immense subject which hardly can be satisfactorily treated in a brief article. Here, I will therefore specifically focus on the case of Mexico. However, it should be indicated that the Mexican case is not entirely representative, as the current status of the Catholic archives there is better than in most other places in Latin America. It is, however, a good example of what can be done.

The text is found here

Parish Life in Colonial Mexico

Parish Life in Colonial Mexico

Magnus Lundberg

Church Life between the Metropolitan and the Local: Parishes, Parishioners, and Parish Priests in Seventeenth-Century Mexico,

Orlando, FL: Vervuert & Iberoamericana, 2011, 278 pp.

Church Life between the Metropolitan and the Local is a study of parishes, parishioners and parish priests in central Mexico during the first half of the seventeenth century. Using a number of different genres found in archives and libraries on both sides of the Atlantic, the book gives a multifaceted picture of the parish life. It addresses metropolitan norms for the ministry as well as priestly and indigenous interpretations of the day-to-day life in the local church.

Throughout the book particular emphasis is put on the interface between the indigenous parishioners and their parish priests, thus contributing to a closer study of the slow-moving processes of religious indoctrination and religious change in central Mexico a century or more after the Conquest.

Here you may order the book and read extracts and reviews.

Here you find more extracts from the book.

Church and State in Costa Rica

Church and State in Costa Rica

“Overcoming or Silencing Conflicts: The Catholic Church and the Building of the Costa Rican Welfare State”

Magnus Lundberg

Originally held as a lecture at the University of Groningen in 2006; lightly revised in 2016

In this article, I briefly analyse the role of religion in the construction of the Costa Rican society from the 1930s onwards. I focus on the relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Costa Rican government. It is always difficult to speak about the position of the church. To avoid hasty generalisations, I will therefore limit myself to the public statements made by the Costa Rican archbishops. Even more concretely, I am interested in the archbishops’ concern with what usually is called la cuestión social – the social issue. That is, their treatment of themes such as poverty and inequality.

The text is available here



Under ett antal år publicerade jag ganska regelbundet essäer i svenska dagstidningar, i synnerhet “understreckare” i Svenska Dagbladet. Här är några länkar till sådana artiklar.

En kvinnlig missionär tog sig an England”, Svenska Dagbladet, 15 juli 2010.

Luther en orm i Mexikos paradis”, Svenska Dagbladet, 26 augusti 2009.

Ett skepp kommer lastat med laster”, Svenska Dagbladet, 10 maj 2009.

Den hårda striden om Guds stad”, Svenska Dagbladet, 11 juni 2007.

Mayafolkets röster ekar i ny forskning”, Svenska Dagbladet, 16 augusti 2006.

Den heliga jungfrun en krigisk general”, Svenska Dagbladet, 3 november 2005.

Kan den rätte påven resa sig?”, Dagens Nyheter, 26 juli 2005

Här är två essäer som publicerades i tidskriften Signum

“Catarina de San Juáns andliga flygfärder”, Signum 2005:9

“Den palmarianska kyrkan”, Signum 2010:5

Archbishop Montúfar and Guadalupe

Archbishop Montúfar and Guadalupe

“The Archbishop and the Virgin: Alonso de Montúfar and the Early Cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe”

Magnus Lundberg 

Article published on-line in 2015 (but based on a chapter of my doctoral dissertation, defended in 2002).

In this article, I critically study a number of documented related to the cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Tepeyac during the mid-sixteenth century. It seeks to counteract the many bad scholarly contributions on Guadalupe, published in both theologically “conservative” and “radical”/”contextual” circles.

It is, of course, interesting to study how Guadalupe has been interepreted throughout the ages and what role she plays today, but to establish facts about the origin of a cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe, requires a very close assessment of the existing sources. There are so many farfetched interpretations of documents (and “silences”) that have been made into truths and even fabricated sources that support certain ideological views. Thus, a source critical study of a very traditional kind can do much good.

In the documents that without doubt can be dated to Alonso de Montúfar’s time as archbishop of Mexico (1554-1572), I have not found any foundation for the story about Juan Diego and Bishop Zumárraga that, at least since the 1640s, has been associated with the cult. Still, there are indication that at least an outline of story of about the miraculous origin of the image and the direct imprint of the Virgin on an indigenous man’s cloak, was known by the 1610s or 1620s (but that will be the subject of another article)

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