Just as there is a parallelism between Christ and the Virgin in Palmarian theology, there is also a clear parallelism between the Virgin and St. Joseph. Nevertheless, Joseph is subordinated to the Virgin, as she is subordinated to Christ. The Palmarian Josephology is in no way as detailed as its Mariology, but still substantial and detailed, and has a prominent place in its Credo. In one of the first papal documents, promulgated in 1978, it was taught that Joseph was pre-sanctified in the womb of his mother in the third month of his conception. From that time, he was freed from the stain of original sin. Thus, he was born without the ability to commit any sin during his entire existence. Just as the Virgin, he did not have to suffer, as suffering was the effect of the fall, but to help humanity, he chose to do it anyway (CP; DP 3).

In the Palmarian Credo it is stated that Joseph was twenty-six years-old when he betrothed the Virgin Mary, thus distancing themselves from certain traditions that claimed that he was an old man at the time (CP). The Catechism teaches that Joseph was born in Bethlehem on July 20 5172 years after the creation and died on March 19, 34 AD, just before the death and resurrection of Christ. He was resurrected a year later. Shortly thereafter, he was brought to heaven, in body and soul. The Palmarians also impart that Joseph remained a virgin throughout his life, and that he never questioned the perpetual virginity of Mary (PKO 17). He was named father and doctor of the church and co-priest with the Virgin Mary. In the Palmarian Credo it is stated:

“I believe that Saint Joseph, because of his most high dignity as Virginal Spouse of Mary and Virginal Father of Jesus, exercises, as Coadjutor of the Exalted Mother of God, the Prerogatives of Co-reparator, Co-redeemer, Co-mediator, Co-treasurer and Co-dispenser, as well as many other exalted privileges (CP).”

In Palmarian theology, Joseph becomes a Co-redeemer, who takes part in the redemption of humanity, as he was the foster father of the Redeemer and spouse of the Co-redemptrix. Thus, just as the Christian’s road to Christ goes through Mary, their path to Mary goes through Joseph (PKO 17).

Apocalyptic Teachings

According to Palmarian belief, the universe is entirely circular and there are several inhabited planets, while heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo are understood as different states, not as physical locations (PKO 63-66).

As Marian apocalypticists, the church has prophesied the end of the world on a number of occasions, but the date has constantly been moved forward. Several years between 1980 and 2015 were indicated. In the revised Catechism of 2005, no official end date is given. Still, during his pontificate Peter II “infallibly defined” that Antichrist was born in Bethlehem in the year 2000. He is the son of a “Jewish nun,” Anti-Mary and an apostate Palmarian bishop, and made a brief entry into the world in 2012. Antichrist may look like a man, but, in fact, he is Satan in human guise. At the age of thirty, in 2030, he will begin his public apostolate, proclaiming himself the Messiah and initiate persecutions against the true Christians, i.e. the Palmarians (PKO; SHP; Peter II, Apostolic Letters; Personal communication with former members).

The Palmarians teach that there is a Planet of Mary, where sin is absent. It is the dwelling-place for those who have died in a state of grace. The inhabitants will help the church militant on earth in the final battles against Antichrist. Many of them will die martyrs together with the last Palmarian pope, including John the Evangelist, who was brought to the planet in the year 100 (PKO 67). According to official teaching, there is also a Planet of Lucifer, inhabited by godless people, under the leadership of Satan. The inhabitants there will assist Antichrist in the last fights between Good and Evil, and when losing the apocalyptic war, they will all be cast into hell (PKO 68).

All humans will rise from the dead at the Second coming of Christ in 2034. He will arrive in Jerusalem, but be visible in all part of the world. The moment of the Second Coming implies the beginning of the Messianic age, when the inhabitants of the planet of Mary and the martyrs, including the last pope, will be resurrected. All humans will thereafter be individually judged. At that occasion, there will be a direct enthronement of the elect into the heart of Christ, who will live forever in a glorious state; they are saved. On the other hand, there will be an enthronement of the wicked into the heart of Satan, who are condemned and have to suffer hell in all eternity (PKO 62, 71-78; personal communication with former members).

Thus, the Palmarians still await the end of the world and now they, once again, have an exact date, when it will happen. For them it remains to fill the Apocalyptical Ark of the church with as many faithful people as possible, as it is the only way to salvation.

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