Joaquín Llorens Grau (Alexander IX, 2005-). According to the group’s own information, a traditionalist missionary in Guatemala, Antonio Velasco founded the Congregación Mercedaria Sagrada Tradición Nuestra Señora de la Merced, Generala de los Ejércitos Celestiales, Corredentora. They claim that Velasco was consecrated by Bishop Moises Carmona of the Unión Católica Trento, who was in his turn was consecrated by Archbishop Thuc. There is, however, no independent support for this assertion. Together with six priests and nine novices, Velasco transferred to Elche (Elx) in Spanish Alicante.

The community there was founded in 2004 by him and Father Esteban de Paula, who became prior general. Before his death, Velasco consecrated six bishops: Antonio de la Merced, Esteban de Paula, Francisco de Paula, Carlos María, Jose Antonio del Socorro and Pablo de María.

In 2005, a conclave was held and Joaquín Llorens Grau was elected Pope Alexander IX. At this time, the Iglesia Católica Apostólica Española Tradicionalista y Mercedaria was founded. More concisely, it is known as the Iglesia Católica y Mercedaria. Alexander IX sees himself as the legal successor of the Holy See, which has been moved from Rome to the Finca Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Elche, which is looked upon as the first part of the New Papal State.


The church’s website:

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