Modern Alternative Popes 9: Two Uncertain Cases

Aimé Baudet (Peter II or Peter Athanasius II, 1984?) is a Belgian man, who lived in Brussels. According to some reports, this man enthroned pope before St. Peter’s grave in 1984. Allegedly, he was a Palmarian ex-bishop. Still, this seems to be something of an urban legend.

Pierre-Henri Dubois (Peter II 1985?). His name is on some lists of modern alternative popes (often erroneously called Pierre-Henri Bubois). Still, it is a misunderstanding that he was ever a papal claimant. Dubois is a Belgian, born in 1947. He has an impressive record in the world of independent churches. He was ordained a priest in 1970 in L’Eglise Catholique Gallicane and consecrated bishop for the first time in 1981 by Pascal Colin and Pascal Robert Deliens, and thereafter in 1982 by Maurice Devent of the Eglise Catholique Apostolique de Belgique. Finally, in 1992, he was consecrated sub conditione by Louis Canivet (Aloysius Basilius III), Patriarch of the Eglises Orthodoxe Héraclitienne.

Dubois is now a bishop in the Église Catholique Apostolique Gallicane Traditionelle de Belgique. According to some sources, he declared himself pope in 1985 under the name Peter II, but that is apparently not true. What happened was that the Eglise Catholique Apostolique Gallicane traditionelle de Belgique and the Eglise Catholique Oecuménique Gallicane Belge on 19 May 1985 jointly elected him Patriarch of Belgium under the name Peter IV.


Bishop Dubois’s web page, where he, however, does not mention the papal rumours about him:

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