This is a link to a very unusual video. It is filmed in the cathedral-basilica of Palmar de Troya in Andalusia, in mid-July 2016 at the official crowning of pope Peter III, who has acted as pope since late April, when his predecessor Gregory XVIII left.

I have never seen a longer video from within the cathedral. It shows a finished church with lots of golden and silvery paraphernalia, and plenty of Palmarian clergy in full ornate. More than twenty bishops are present and behind a screen it is possible to see about the same number of nuns.

The faithful who fill the church include a large number of children, women wearing mantilla and men wearing dark brown shirts and trousers. Footage include the papal crowning, the celebration of the mass, according to the Palmarian rite, the handing out of the communion and different processions inside and outside the cathedral.

Video from the Palmarian cathedral July 2016

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