There are several TV-documentaries about El Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian Church, but by far the most ambitious and well-researched is the new series, “El Palmar de Troya” that is broadcasted in February 2020 on the Spanish Moviestar+ Cero Channel. The series is produced by Movistar+ in collaboration with 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio) and 93 Metros  directed by Israel del Santo and with Daniel Boluda in charge of the research.

“El Palmar de Troya” includes four 55-minute episodes following the Palmarian phenomenon from the beginning in 1968 until today. It includes testimonies by former church members including ex-Pope Gregory XVIII (Ginés Hernández) and his wife Nieves Triviño, who used to be a Palmarian nun. But there are also testimonies by other ex-bishops and ex-nuns as well as former lay members. Apart from them, some outsiders, including me, talk about El Palmar and the Palmarian Church.

The production team has been able to find fascinating photo and film material from the late 1960s onwards and unique audio recordings of Clemente Domínguez, the future Pope Gregory XVII, when he transfers the purported heavenly messages. Moreover, the documentary includes brief reenactments of important events in the Palmarian history.

The series will probably be broadcasted on other TV-channels outside of Spain, but at the moment I don’t know anything about the plans. Currently, some extracts are freely available online.

A trailer

El Palmar de Troya: Episodio 1 – Bendita tú eres

El Palmar de Troya: Episodio 2 – ‘Entre todas las mujeres’

Another extract from episode 2

Yet another extract from episode 2

And yet another

El Palmar de Troya: Episodio 3 – ‘Ciudaos de los falsos profetas’

El Palmar de Troya: Episodio 4 – ‘Lobos con piel de cordero’

See Twitter updates about the series


A recent documentary of a very different kind is investigative journalist Carles Tamayo’s series “El Palmar de Troya” about his attempts to “infiltrate” the Palmarian Church. I find it well-made and informative. The whole series is found on YouTube 


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