I published the first edition of A Pope of their Own: El Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian Church in May 2017. By then, Palmarian Pope Gregory XVIII–Ginés Hernández–had left the papacy and the church and married a former nun. These events made El Palmar de Troya known again. It had been four decades since the Spanish press devoted this much interest to the Palmarian Church.

Since then, the Palmarians have attracted even more attention. They became front-page news in Spain as the ex-pope and his wife were tried for the armed robbery of the Basilica in Palmar de Troya. The interest in the Palmarian Church was also sparked by best-seller writer Dan Brown’s Origin (2017) that included it in the plot. That made the existence of the church known to many outside of Spain, too. As my book was the only recent monograph on the Palmarians, it has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. To reach such a vast readership was undoubtedly an unusual experience for me.

Taken into account the rapid development during the last three years, I decided to write an enlarged version of A Pope of their Own, which follows the Palmarian Church until today. The updated parts are mainly found in chapter 9 (pp. 189–200), covering the current papacy of Peter III. However, I have also included some new sections about earlier history and about rituals (see pp. 20–22, 99–102, 112–113, 118–119, and 226–229).

8 thoughts on “New Edition of My Book on the Palmarian Church

  1. Tack, Magnus Lundberg, för denna ebok! Kunde inte låta bli att börja läsa den innan jag stigit ur sängen! Jag önskar Dig allt det bästa i dag och alla dagar!

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  2. Covid is affecting the Palmarians badly. Five priests and one nun dead in Spain including Fr Damian who was a medical doctor from Australia.


  3. A Palmarian died here in NZ last month. Mother Maria Salud had been a nun in Spain for 17 years and came back to new Zealand due to illness and a burn-out.


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