In the last days, the Palmarian church has been in the center of attention. The news about pope Gregory XVIII leaving the church and the coronation of this sucessor Peter III have received ample coverage, at least in Spanish media. See my contributions Unexpected Changes in the Palmarian Church  and The Palmarian Pope Has Resigned and is Succeeded by Peter III

The question is what is going to happen to the church now. Will there be a large exodus of members? Will the church even attract new ones? Will there be splinter groups, who claim that they are the true followers of the messages of Palmar de Troya. It is very hard to know. What can be studied, however, are the official Palmarian teachings about the future and the end of the world, i.e. the world of Palmarian apocalyptics

According to Palmarian belief, the universe is entirely circular and there are several inhabited planets, while heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo are understood as different states, not as physical locations (Palmarian Catechism 63-66). As Marian apocalypticists, the church has prophesied the end of the world on a number of occasions, but the date has constantly been moved forward. Several years between 1980 and 2015 were indicated. In the revised Catechism of 2005, no official end date is given.

Still, during his pontificate Peter II “infallibly defined” that Antichrist was born in Bethlehem in the year 2000. He is the son of a “Jewish nun,” Anti-Mary and an apostate Palmarian bishop, and made a brief entry into the world in 2012. Antichrist may look like a man, but, in fact, he is Satan in human guise. At the age of thirty, in 2030, he will begin his public apostolate, proclaiming himself the Messiah and initiate persecutions against the true Christians, i.e. the Palmarians (Palmarian Catechism, Peter II, Apostolic Letters; Personal communication with former members).

The Palmarians teach that there is a Planet of Mary, where sin is absent. It is the dwelling-place for those who have died in a state of grace. H The inhabitants will help the church militant on earth in the final battles against Antichrist. Many of them will die martyrs together with the last Palmarian pope, including John the Evangelist, who was brought to the planet in the year 100 (Palmarian Catechism 67). According to official teaching, there is also a Planet of Lucifer, inhabited by godless people, under the leadership of Satan. The inhabitants there will assist Antichrist in the last fights between Good and Evil, and when losing the apocalyptic war, they will all be cast into hell (Palmarian Catechism 68).

All humans will rise from the dead at the Second coming of Christ in 2034. He will arrive in Jerusalem, but be visible in all part of the world. The moment of the Second Coming implies the beginning of the Messianic age, when the inhabitants of the planet of Mary and the martyrs, including the last pope, will be resurrected. All humans will thereafter be individually judged. At that occasion, there will be a direct enthronement of the elect into the heart of Christ, who will live forever in a glorious state; they are saved. On the other hand, there will be an enthronement of the wicked into the heart of Satan, who are condemned and have to suffer hell in all eternity (Palmarian Catechism 62, 71-78; personal communication with former members). Thus, the Palmarians still await the end of the world and now they, once again, have an exact date, when it will happen. For them it remains to fill the Apocalyptical Ark of the church with as many faithful people as possible, as it is the only way to salvation.

It is worth reading what is written about the conception of Antichrist in the Sacred History or Holy Palmarian Bible, the book that replaced the ordinary Bible as their sacred scripture by the turn of the millennium. In this huge work, there is a development of messages in the Book of Revelation, based on visions allegedly received by pope Gregory XVII (1978-2005):

“I, Apostle John, saw rise up from the Earth, a Beast, which was a woman who consecrated her whole being to Satan’s service.

The Anti-Christ will be born from the Anti-Mary. She will be a false virgin, a Jew and a member of a religion established by masonic Zionism, in order to achieve its goals and prepare for the Antichrist’s kingdom. She will come from the tribe of Dan.

At the age of 3, she will have perfect reasoning, both Satan and the Virgin Mary will appear to her, Satan offering her to be his mother, Mary asking her not to. She will accept Satan’s offer. She then joins a Jewish religious group involved in Satan Worship. She will first become a mother at the age of nine, due to her unbridled lust. She also becomes head of this religious group of Satan worshippers. She will have 3 more children, until she gives birth to the Antichrist at the age of 17.

The father of the Antichrist will be an ex-bishop of the Palmarian order, who will become a member of the Roman faith and a freemason.

The Antichrist’s conception will take place in a great Masonic Lodge. In which there will be an altar, beautifully decorated with altar clothes, candelabra, candles, flowers and so on. In the middle of this will be an inverted crucifix with Christ’s effigy upside down. Everything will be made ready for this sacrilegious act in which the Antichrist will be conceived.

Anti-Mary, extraordinarily beautiful and seductive, dressed in a woman’s attire, will take her place before the altar. And beside her will be the Apostate Bishop in his Episcopal attire.

Anti-Mary will then have her particular Judgement, Satan will appear to her and complete his seduction by praising her for giving him her services. Next The Virgin Mary will appear warning her of the dreadful evil she is to commit, and is she carries this out she will be damned. Then she will be visited by Satan a second time, this time she gives him her full permission, that is to clothe Satan with her flesh and her blood.

Next she will undress completely and lie on the altar. Then the Apostate Bishop, though already seduced by Satan, will be prompted anew by him to carry out the service. Next the Virgin Mary will warn the Bishop as she did with the Anti-Mary. And following a final visit by Satan the Apostate Bishop, he fully commits.

He then takes off all his clothes and naked, before beginning the act, will idolize Anti-Mary, incensing her Body from head to foot, forthwith fornicating with her. Satan’s incarnation is now accomplished, at that very instant, Anti-Mary, with diabolical strength, will kill the Bishop with her own hands, strangling him.

He will go straight to Hell.

Satan will now be conceived in Flesh and all of Hell will rejoice. The ceremony will be witnessed by a group of principal Mason of the 33rd degree. They will take the Bishop’s corpse outside, burn it and scatter the ashes to the wind.”

One thought on “The Palmarian Church and the End of the World: Apocalypse Soon

  1. The definitions tie in with Bridgettine prophecies about Antichrist.

    I think Putin is fulfilling them.

    If he can’t ban abortion, that means the Russian nation (“mother Russia”!) is apostate, and obviously the element most active in the apostasy of 1917 and following years were the Jewish elements of it, from “false virgin” to open Apostate then. If his spiritual “father” patriarch Kirill thinks abortion doesn’t need banning, and that Christians who want abortion banned (as it fortunately was in Franco’s Spain!) are asking for “Christian Sharia”, he is an apostate too.

    The part about eating impurities from childhood on may refer to his choice of entertainment, since Soviet films of secret agent type are even more (I presume) salacious than James Bond.

    Also, since he was in KGB, his feeding himself and his own on other people’s small, often dirty secrets.

    And him and his brothers beating armies before he was fully age twelve, consult his record in the Judo world and read “national team” for St Bridget’s “army”, his brothers of course being his team mates in the Judo team of Soviet Union or Russia or St Petersburg back then.

    I think the world might end well before 2030.


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