Today, on 22 April 2016, the Palmarian pope Gregory XVIII (2011-2016) resigned. According to my sources of information, he abandoned the church compound without out making a declaration to the faithful. Nevertheless, he left a letter, stating that he “had lost the faith”.

Tomorrow, 23 April the name of the new pope will be announced. In all likelihood, Gregory XVIII will be succeeded by his former Secretary of State, Bishop Eliseo María, a Swiss. See my contribution Unexpected Changes in the Palmarian Church

To be continued …

Habemus Papam! Today, on 23 April 2016, a new pope pope was installed in the Palmarian Church.  As expected it is Eliseo María, a Swiss bishop, originally called Markus Josef Odermatt. He has taken the papal name Peter III. According to my informants, he will probably continue the relaxation of the rules, which Gregory XVIII began during the last part of his papacy. This is quite interesting. A Palmarian revolution might be on it’s way.

Comments and Press Coverage

The religious studies scholar Jean-Francois Mayer has published a good analysis of the recent events

The Spanish press has began to publish articles about the papal succession, see, for example a series in ABC Sevilla edition:  Article 1Article 2 and Article 3 In one of this articles the ABC journalist Javier Macías cites an interview he was able to make with ex-pope Gregory, who states that he is happy and that he wants to “turn the page”, but that it will be difficult to live such a different life after 32 years as priest, bishop and pope of the Palmarian church.

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