Since news about the 22 of April escape of Pope Gregory XVII from Palmar de Troya was made public by me and others, there have been many articles about the matter in the Spanish press. The combination of a hermetically closed religious group and a pope leaving  to live with his girlfriend, claiming that he does not believe in the church teachings anymore is of course thrilling to many, including me.

Below you will find links to some articles from late April and early May that are quite interesting and not too speculative, including several interviews with the ex-pope, who now wants to “turn the page”and leave everything behind him, presenting the Palmarian church as a “set up” (montaje). One month after the departure of Gregory XVII, several Spanish TV channels have broadcast longer documentaries about the history of the Palmarians and the current events.

Early news on the escape of Pope Gregory XVII, ABC Sevilla 25 April 2016: El «papa» de El Palmar de Troya pierde su fe y deja su «orden» sin despedirse de sus seguidores

A history of the Palmarian history and the recent events, including the coronation of the new pope, Peter III, ABC Sevilla 26 April: Los cuatro «papas» del Palmar de Troya

A news flash, Antena 3, 26 April 2016: El ‘Papa’ de El Palmar pierde su fe y deja su orden sin despedirse de sus seguidores

An interview with the ex-pope, ABC Sevilla, 27 April 2016: El «papa» del Palmar niega haber robado el «papamóvil»: «Es mio, estaba a mi nombre»

A more detailed investigation, based on an interview with me, ABC Sevilla 30 April 2016: Desmontando el Palmar de Troya

Interview with the alcalde of Palmar de Troya on the development, Diario de Sevilla, 29 April 2016: El alcalde de El Palmar cree que el nuevo ‘papa’ puede ser más aperturista

An interview with the ex-pope in El Español, 1 May 2016: Gregorio XVIII, expapa de El Palmar de Troya por amor

For years, the Dialogue Ireland group has published a number of articles on the Palmarian Church, most of them on the Irish branch, see Palmarian News

A comment on the development by religious studies scholar Jean-François Mayer: Église palmarienne: Grégoire XVIII perd la foi et va se marier, le nouveau pape Pierre III est un Suisse

Article in El Mundo 2 May 2016: El ‘papa’ (del Palmar de Troya) se fuga con su novia

Luis Santamaría’s interview with me on the Aleteia web site, 9 May 2016 El Palmar de Troya siempre ha sido un negocio… y un peligro para sus miembros

A 70-minute documentary about the recent development on Canal Sur, 10 May 2016, El Palmar de Troya

An article including testimonies by former clergy in El País 13 May 2016: La fuga de un papa enamorado 

Interview with the ex-pope in La Sexta TV 18 May 2016: Ginés

Article in El País 23 May 2016: La gran mentira de la Iglesia del Palmar de Troya

Interview with the ex-pope in Antena 3 23 May 2016: Hablamos con el que fuera Papa de El Palmar de Troya

Brief history of Palmar de Troya in Telecinco 23 May 2016: La Iglesia Palmariana, un culto ultracatólico prohibido por la Iglesia católica

Brief history of Palmar de Troya in Telecinco 23 May 2016: La ‘Iglesia Palmariana’, estrictas normas para todos excepto para los mandatarios

Interview with the ex-pope in Telecinco 23 May 2016: El programa de Ana Rosa’ habla con el ‘Papa’ huido de la ‘Iglesia Palmariana’

Interview with an ex-Palmarian in Telecinco 24 May 2016: AR’ habla con una exdevota de la ‘Iglesia palmariana’: “Es una secta”

Brief story about the Palmarian church in Telecinco 25 May 2016: La avaricia del Palmar de Troya: apartamentos, coches de lujo y un templo

A report from the town of Palmar de Troya in Antena 3 25 May 2016: Así ven los vecinos de El Palmar a la iglesia palmariana

Interview with the ex-pope in Antena 3 26 May 2016: “La crispación en el Palmar es altísima, por eso se ha producido la agresión”

Article in El País in English 26 May 2016: The Palmarian Catholic Church: a lie that lasted 40 years

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