The Facebook group The Palmarian Church/Iglesia Palmariana, which is directed to ex-Palmarians and others interested in the developments in the church, recently published Palmarian pope Peter III‘s first apostolic letter. Below you will find a scanned version of the original, which is written in German. Here’s a brief summary of the German text.

The first Apostolic letter of Peter III is about “a sad event in the true church” and is dated 2 May 2016.


  • Peter III first tells the Palmarian faithful what they all know: that pope Gregory has apostatized and left his high office and the church. For a while, Gregory had said that he had lost faith. All the friars had known this for some time. Since Easter Gregory had not read mass, nor prayed the penitential rosary. Last year, he had met a “crazy” ex-Palmarian woman and lusted for her. Finally, he decided to leave to live in a “concubinage” with her. Before leaving he had transferred the ownership of the papal car to himself through a notarized document. When leaving he brought it with him.


  • According to Peter III, a couple of days after the escape of the ex-pope, they discovered that he had stolen jewelry from the images of Christ, the Virgin, St Joseph and St Teresa of Avila. This constitutes sacrilege, as the crime was committed in a holy precinct. Peter III refers to sources on “the Internet” that claim that Gregory has a personal fortune of some 2 million Euros. Even if he returns begging, he will not be accepted into the Palmarian church. He is forever outside; a kind of eternal apostate.


  • Peter III continues by naming some of the cardinal sins that Gregory is guilty of. He did not show any love. He enjoyed luxury and was extremely vain. He had always sought high offices and was greedy in excess. He was insufferable for the friars. He did not think about anyone but himself. Peter III draws parallels to other bad popes, who according to the Palmarian History of the Popes are in Hell. Ex-pope Gregory is now referred to as an apostate, an accursed man and even a beast.


  • He lived a vicious life himself, but for other Gregory established unnecessarily harsh norms. The pope should be a father, not a tyrant. Every faithful should love the Palmarian Norms. Gregory is an example of what can go wrong if one does not follow the Norms and take the road of the world towards eternal damnation.


  • Peter III refers to Gregory’s approval of smoking. He was a chain smoker and decreed that friars could smoke, too. The Palmarian Morals, however, state that smoking is a prolonged form of suicide, and the increased smoking has had bad health effects on the Palmarian faithful.


  • Gregory’s papal motto was “Receiver of Christ” (Receptor Christi), but due to the sacrileges and all the grave sins he committed he will become “the receiver of God’s wrath”. The Palmarian faithful must pray and make penance to, at least partially, make reparation for the ex-pope’s sins. To refrain from smoking is a mortification of the flesh; a sign of charity. Still, smoking will not lead to excommunication for the ordinary faithful.


  • Peter II (Manuel Alonso Corral a.k.a. Father Isidoro María) knew that Bishop Sergio María (the future Gregory XVIII) was a vicious character, but said that he could not find any other successor. Thus, he chose Sergio María as the next pope. And, Peter III, draws a parallel to “the great St Francisco Franco”, whom also had made a mistake when appointing his successor (the future King Juan Carlos). The result became the destruction of Spain through democracy and increased regional governance.


  • The pontificate of Gregory XVIII (2011-2016) became one of the worst in church history. Peter III thinks that it is now time to turn the page, with optimism and hope. His papal motto is De Gloria Ecclesiae. It should be understood as the spiritual glory of the church, not as material wealth. All Palmarian faithful should now strive to restore the good reputation of the church.


  • The official crowning of Peter III will take place on 16 July, on the feast day of Our Lady of Palmar. All Palmarians are invited and the faithful who come to Palmar will receive plenary indulgence. Peter III asks all faithful to pray for him as their universal father and the Vicar of Christ, so that his work will lead the faithful to salvation and holiness. Parents have the co-responsibility for the sins of their children. So has the Vicar of Christ. He will watch over the faithful, so that they grow in holiness.
  • All Palmarians have the responsibility to defend the honour of God, Pope and Church. No special papal guard is be needed. The current guard, founded by Gregory XVIII, is abolished. All baptized are soldiers of Christ.
  • There is a great need for more priests and nuns. Peter III claims that now, when the vicious Gregory XVIII has left the church, convent life is totally different than before. Now the convents are places of peace, love and brotherhood
  • The work on the construction of the chapel in Dublin should be continued.
  • Peter III signs the document on the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination and his episcopal consecration, 2 May 2016.


  • Here is the original text:

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