Maurice Archieri (Peter II, 1995-2016), born 1923 was a former car mechanical, who lived in Le Perreux-sur-Marne, France. After an “intellectual vision” at Pentecost 1995, he claimed to be Vicar of Christ (in spiritualibus) in the end times. He took the name Peter II but did not claim to be the pope. The reason given by Archieri was that there could be no pope in the current era, as the Roman Church had “eclipsed” and no orthodox Roman hierarchy was left. According to Archieri the true church in the end time is L’Église Réelle Occultée, the Real Hidden Church, and not the Roman Catholic Church.

Archieri was consecrated a bishop in 1997 and claims apostolic succession through the Old Catholic Antiochan line of the Église Gallicane via Joseph-René Vilatte, Ernest Houssay Louis-Marie-Francois Giraud and Bernard Isidore Jalbert-Ville. Still, the claims are difficult to assess.

Peter II maintained that the entire hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church were apostates and that there had been no real pope since the death of Pius XII in 1958. He denounced Vatican II and the post-conciliar liturgy. The only mass that should be celebrated was according to the Tridentine rite. Consequently, the “una cum” Masses of the SSPX were unacceptable, as that would imply that the Holy See was not vacant and the Roman pope was not an anti-pope. The letters of Peter II were mostly apocalyptic in content and a major part were drawn from nineteenth and twentieth-century Catholic apocalyptic texts, which were abundantly cited. Just as in many other cases of Catholic apocalypticism, the secret message at La Salette had a central place in the teaching. According to Peter II, the era of Antichrist had begun and only a small remnant of true believers was left. As the Vicar of Christ, his role was to safeguard the Catholic faith until Christ’s return.

According to the French Vicar of Christ, he was chosen by the Holy Spirit and invested by its power. This meant that he would be able to re-establish sanctifying grace and supernatural charity in the souls that had been lost since the death of Pius XII. Peter II claimed several gifts of the spirit, including that of discernment. He maintained that he could distinguish a consecrated from a non-consecrated host, but also feel the difference between an object that had been blessed and one that had not. He was also supernaturally equipped to be able to distinguish between validly and invalidly ordained clerics, thus knowing whether they could administer sacraments legitimately.

In 2002, Peter II consecrated his son Jean-Marie Archieri a bishop and named him his successor.

Peter II died on 13 February 2016 at the age of 92.


Peter II:s web page is discontinued, but there is a cached version from 2006 available at

The note on his death is found here:

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