Modern Alternative Popes 12: Three Little Known Cases

Julius Tischler (Peter II, 1998-?). Almost nothing is known by this claimant, apart from that he was German and aged ninety when he proclaimed himself pope in 1998, taking Peter II as his papal name.

Thsung Zhong Huai-de or Robert Chung (Pius XIV) claimed to have been elected in a 1999 conclave in Taipei, Taiwan with 75 traditionalist clergy present, taking the name Pius XIV. The group asserted that Chung had been consecrated by Roman Catholic Archbishop Ignatius P’i Shu-shih 1 June 1958 in Taiwan. The veracity and sincerity of the claim has been questioned. According to the same sources, Pius XIV died 15 September 2002.

Reinaldus Michael Benjamins (Gregory XIX, 2001-?). Very little is known about this person. In religion he was allegedly known as Brother Raymond of the Trinity and was from Malone, New York, He went public as Pope Gregory XIX in October, 2001 and was on Robert Hess’ list of papal claimants in the early 2000s, but that page has unfortunately been discontinued. Of his teachings, I have only been able to find “an invitation” to the true church, written in 2005.


The “invitation” by Gregory XIX, 2005,

On Pius XIV: Various documents from 2003 by Prakash J. Mascarenhas;

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