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15 thoughts on “Modern Alternative Popes 22: Petrus Romanus and The Two Witnesses

  1. I’m x member …doug kuzell is a false prophet…they are not two witnesses…good job on your report…but there is so much more going on…I and other x family members and x remnant members have come against them…he has not called down fire from heaven on us …even though he say god has something for me…he is smart but crazy…stay away from him and his wife …don’t be deceived by fear. There is brainwashing going on it is a cult

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  2. Doug kuzell is a false prophet and he praises of his victims and take their family apart . dangeorous is not the name he deserve . Doug kuzell has a dad and he will fill in the blanks for us.So much is missing because Doug spiritually rap his victims and molested the children minds and now he wants the children back no no no. once Doug kuzell gets U to come to his faithful remnant church .Doug play one parent against the other until he kill marriage and Doug brainwash the parent to leave their children.
    i know this for i was a victim of Doug evil doing.


  3. Doug Kuzell wants to reach out for more victims and he is using the catholic Church name and i have talk to the Bishop in Kingston and he open up Doug Kuzell is dangerous in a lot of ways and he studies the word of God and turn it into a weapons and until he is stop there will be more children and parents spiritually rap and molested and no one to stop him. God has sent his Hand of this web site to stand together.Amen
    P.S Lilly is by wife that use witchcraft on me to stay there done she is the number one video made for this remnant of false prophet


  4. Is Douglas Kuzell a heretic?

    “Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith” CCC 2089

    The Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ has seven sacraments. Doug Kuzell obstinately denies this. Therefore he is a heretic by definition.

    Which is greater in evil, to murder someone or cause them to loose their soul for all eternity? Clearly, the second. It could be said that the false pope Petrus Romanus is worse than a murderer when he convinces people to leave the sacraments of the Catholic Church and replace them with his false holy water. For example, if someone is in grave sin his false holy water will not do anything for them, let alone bring absolution. This person is in danger of dying while not in the state of grace. Here trust in our Lord’s mercy is so important. Pope Petrus is making it more difficult for someone who follows his false quotations .
    The holy spirit will set him out.


  5. Subject: More Doug mother

    And so, after watching the video, I told my wife Mary, that we needed to ask Jesus, to reveal, exactly what James saw, when he looked to the North. And within just a few seconds, Mary saw a vision of my former biological mother’s first and last names, and the words, “Mother of Darkness”. It was then, that…
    Jesus said: The woman from the North – that is who she IS. Because she represents, ‘the FALSE, satanic ARMY’, PRAYING, to the ENEMY, that NO one, would be able to RECEIVE, the Testimony. So he [James] NEEDED protection from Saint Michael – to GO, where I was leading him; to BRING him, to My TESTIMONY – where, he would find, ‘an abundance of Truth and Life’. It IS ‘the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS’, that afflicts, EVERYONE, when they come to My Testimony. That ‘demonic ENTITY’, IS, ‘the WALL’, of demons. That is another reason why people NEED, ‘Blessed HOLY Water’ – in order to RESIST, this ‘entity’; so that they can see the Testimony through MY Eyes, and NOT, ‘demonic perceptions’. Very simple, My children. I DID not want you to know that My Son – THAT is what she became; the complete OPPOSITE, of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    — Now if Jesus show Doug Kuzell that his Mother is the Mother of Darkness then what is Doug Kuzell and his WIFE Teresa and who is their spiritual Father Antichrist.
    Doug Kuzell and his Wife Teresa are spiritually sick. Doug real Mother and Father are parents of hard-working Canadians and his grandparents work and build their name on hard work and loyalty.
    Doug biological FATHER is a man of HIGH QUALITY AND A HONEST MAN.


  6. Man oh man … I was cruising YouTube and ran into one of his followers vid, and then went to their website and holy crap …. These people are absolutely in la la land. I feel sorry for the people who have been low level mind controlled by fear and confusion into becoming members of their cult. Repentance is one thing but Pope … Come on man … Stop promoting yourself … Fake, phoney, and false as Dave likes to say at the … Anyway thanks Magnus for the post … Good job. Take care everybody and remember you still have a soul … Lol


  7. My aunt is a member of this sick cult. She left my cousin and my uncle. One year ago my cousin took his own life… I hate the testimony of the two witnesses cult its all a big brainwashing load of pathetic crap.


  8. My brother in law is a member of this cult. He left and we didn’t hear from him for more than a year and then one day suddenly he was back, said he’d failed and been kicked out. He was like a shadow of his former self. Skinny, scared, would stare at us as if we were monsters. When my husband tried talking to him he would recoil and say: “you know you don’t have a heartbeat right?” He walked around with “holy water” and would periodically rub it on his head. It’s hard to describe how he was, but I wasn’t comfortable letting him be around my kids, that’s how unsettling the vibe was. After a couple of weeks of being home, where he was kept at home and his exposure to internet was severely limited, he found a way to reach out to the cult and after he received money (we don’t know how) he bought himself a ticket and disappeared again, without a word. He has since poster a video on youtube where he talks about how fortunate he was to be allowed back into the fold, and how his “former family” tried to corrupt him and have satanic control over him.
    I just hope that, wherever he is, he is happy and they are not mistreating him. I honestly believe that nobody will ever convince him to come back, he needs to realize on his own that it is all a lie.


    1. Dear Kim. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very sorry to hear about your brother in law. The two witnesses seem to have an unusual degree of control over their adherents and they are cunning. I have heard similar stories from a rather large group of people whose relatives and friend joined them. We can only hope for the best. Best M.


    2. My son was a member and has since left the group. We have not heard from him in 2 1/2 years. I can only pray for his safety and health.


  9. Hello, my cousin entered this cult for one year. He left his wife (cz she have jezebel spirit & mark of the beast) and left his children cz they have also have the mark of the beast & demons)! This douglas and his wife knows well the bible and use its word via fear to win over new recruits. It s obvious for me that their claims (that jesus, mary, moses …) talk to them. They are well educated on bible and smart .they only destroy families in the name of jesus instead of reuniting which is the very contradiction of jesus our lord! Now again he s in this cult. I only hope that he realise and see them for who they really are. PS recruits must obey,pray and do every words douglas commands in order to be in the kingdom of heaven. (From eating to what they can wear and speak)


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