There is a small religious group, which by November 2017 had about twenty members, which is called the Faithful Remnant and believe that they constitute the true Roman Catholic Church. The leader of the group is the Canadian Douglas (Doug) Kuzell who claims that he is the Last Pope, Petrus Romanus. Moreover, Kuzell and his wife, Teresa Jackson (Mary Romanus) claim that they are the Two Witnesses, referred to in the Book of Revelation 11:1-14. My research report on the Two Witnesses was originally written in February 2017, but due to the quite dramatic development, it was updated in February 2018.


The research report is found here: The Faithful Remnant and the Last Canadian Pope

8 thoughts on “The Faithful Remnant and the Canadian Last Pope

  1. “Pope Peter the Last” has decreed that Satan has infiltrated the entertainment industry and that members of the Faithful Remnant can not watch movies at theaters or on TV, they can’t watch TV, listen to the radio or music, or read books or the bible. The bible has been replaced by the new scriptures given to him personally by God and Jesus.


  2. Expecting the Faithful Remnant members to isolate themselves from their “former” family and friends is a classic cult tactic. By isolating the members they are forcing the members to become more dependent on the cult for some sort of social interaction.
    I didn’t know eating only chicken was biblical. I would have thought lamb, goat and fish would have been more appropriate.
    Members can’t wear black, red or dark colored clothing because that is the colors the devil wears. Also members can’t wear leather because the devil wear leather. Leather shoes are okay because that symbolizes that the members are putting the devil under their feet.


  3. Being a member of the Faithful Remnant is hard on marriages. Married couples may have joined but they didn’t stay married for long. I don’t think there is a single married couple in the remnant at all. It is almost like “Pope Peter” doesn’t want his members to have any alligences to anything or anyone other than to him and the Faithful Remnant.
    There is no intimacy in the Faithful Remnant because the only reason for that is to have children, and it seems that children are not welcome in the Faithful Remnant because they are full of evil spirits.


      1. Magnus, you are welcome. After my wife join the Faithful Remnant I hung around long enough to learn this, and that is what turned me off, that and Pope Peter. Have you ever met someone and you immediately got an uneasy feeling about them. That is the way I felt when I watch Pope Peter’s videos. There was something creepy about the videos and him.


  4. I experienced his manipulative abuse while he was still a priest. After I declined joining his sect as he was leaving the church I looked for help. The church would not cousil me through the confusion of what he had tried to ask me to do and instead recommended I get therapy.


    1. Dear Tammy. Thank you for posting. Unfortunately, I didn’t see your message until today. I’m very sorry that you have had to experience this man. Of all the groups a have studied, Kuzell is the only one I consider extremely dangerous. I have heard and read so many horrific testimonies from people who have been scarred for years. For what it’s worth I wish you all the best in your recovery and hope that those which he holds in his iron fist will escape and survive his manipulation and psychological abuse. Best wishes, Magnus


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