I have written much about the Palmarian Catholic Church, and its history and teachings. My main contribution is the monograph A Pope of their Own: El Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian Church (2017). Although based on many traditional Catholic beliefs, from its foundation in 1978 until today the Palmarian church has come to include increasingly unusual teachings in its creed. Today, for example, the Palmarians have a Bible own their own, which has replaced the traditional Bible as their most important holy scripture.

In another blog post, I published the Old Testament according to the Sacred History or Holy Palmarian Bible. Superior Grade. According to the Infallible Magisterium of the Church. (Holy Apostolic See, El Palmar de Troya, 2012). Apart from superior and basic versions, the Palmarians have published a Childrens’ version of the Sacred History. A colleague of mine has scanned a German edition: Heilige Geschichte oder Heilige Palmarianische Bibel. Kinderstufte gemäß dem Unfehlbahren Lehramt der Kirche (Heiliger Apostolischer Stuhl, El Palmar de Troya, 2006).

Kinderbibel p 1-125

Kinderbibel p 126-246

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