Apart from my monograph on the Palmarian Catholic Church, A Pope of their Own and many articles on the church and its teachings, I have made a large number of Palmarian doctrinal and devotional texts available on this website. Earlier, most of them were not readily available to non-Palmarians. The full-text documents can be consulted through the following links:

Pontifical Documents of Gregory XVII (1978-1980)

The Palmarian Creed (1980)

Treatise of the Mass (in Spanish; 1992)

Sacred History or Holy Palmarian Bible (2000-2001)

Old Testament (in English)

New Testament (in German)

Children’s Bible (in German)


The Palmarian Catechism 

Palmarian Devotionary

Palmarian Order of the Mass


Papal Documents of Peter II (2005-2011)

Papal Documents of Gregory XVIII (2011-2016)

Papal Document of Peter III (2016-2017)


Palmarian Canon Law (in Spanish)


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