Apart from my monograph on the Palmarian Catholic Church, A Pope of their Own and many articles on the church and its teachings, I have made a large number of Palmarian doctrinal and devotional texts available on this website. Earlier, most of them were not readily available to non-Palmarians. The full-text documents can be consulted through the following links:

Pontifical Documents of Gregory XVII (1978-1980)

The Palmarian Creed (1980)

Treatise of the Mass (in Spanish; 1992)

Sacred History or Holy Palmarian Bible (2000-2001)

Old Testament (in English)

New Testament (in German)

Extracts from New Testament in English (the life of Christ until the Passion)

Extracts from the New Testament in English (the Passion of Christ)

Children’s Bible (in German)

The Palmarian Catechism 

Palmarian Devotionary

Palmarian Order of the Mass

Papal Documents of Peter II (2005-2011)

Papal Documents of Gregory XVIII (2011-2016)

Papal Document of Peter III (2016-2017)

Palmarian Canon Law (in Spanish)

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