Here is a collection of links to different types of media related to El Palmar de Troya and the Palmarians

TV, Radio, Film, Music and Photos

Antena 3 TV: Six short films on the Palmarian Church, 2016, Accessed from:

Apostate activist: Nine short films on The Palmarian Church Opposition, 2009–2010. Accessed from: X7Cwq6JGAcGkANhQ on March 30, 2017.

Cf. the 20 + short films on the Youtube account Apostateactivist. Accessed from: 

Canal Sur, 75 Minutos: La Iglesia de El Palmar de Troya,  May 10, 2016, 70 min. Documentary accessed from: ref =player&v =mUena2Sxveg on March 30, 2017.

Cano, Carlos. “El milagro del Palmar”, song from the album A la luz de los cantares, 1977. Lyrics accessed from 1883448/

Celebrations at the Cathedral Basilica in El Palmar de Troya, 2016. Video accessed from 56922952910/?ref=ts&fref=ts

CSTV, Los Reporteros: El Palmar de Troya, la iglesia oscura, 1991, 29 min. Documentary accessed from DGf0 .

Documental: Palmar de Troya, 15 min, 2016. Documentary accessed from:

El Palmar de Troya (el otro Vaticano): Clemente el antipapa, 18 min. Documentary accessed from

Espacio en Blanco: Apariciones en el Palmar de Troya, 2016. 54 min. Documentary accessed from

El Palmar de Troya, 1975,

Entrevista con el P. Félix Arana, 1993,

Gregory XVII in ecstasy, January 1, 2001, 5 min. Video accessed from

Irish TV 3, Ireland’s Secret Cults, 2011, 45 min. Documentary accessed from:

La Más Allá, El Palmar de Troya 1979, 2 parts, 30 + 30 min, AND

La Sexta TV: Ten broadcasts on the Palmarian Church. Accessed from

La Tele de tu Vida: “El Palmar de Troya”. brief film sequences from the 1970s, 1 min. Accessed from watch?v=Io4 s5CU760M.

Los secretos de El Palmar de Troya, Argentine documentary, 2014, 85 min. Accessed from =186s.

Mis enigmas favoritos: Palmar de Troya, 35 min. Documentary accessed from

New Year’s Celebration in the Cathedral-Basilica in Palmar de Troya, January 1, 2017. Videos accessed from fref=ts.

A Palmarian Mass, 2017

RTE, Lifeline, 10+ radio broadcasts on the Palmarian Church, 2016. Accessed from +church .

Siniestro Total, “(I left my heartl in) El Palmar de Troya”, song on the Album Siniestro Total II: El Regreso, 1983. Lyrics accessed from on

Telecinco, 20+ broadcasts on the Palmar Church, 2016. Accessed from

The Palmarian Church: The Fake Vision of 6th August [1978]. Comments about the papal election by an ex-bishop. Accessed from: com/watch?v=vPNRNp4dn

TVE 2, Linea 900: El Palmar de Troya, 1996, 5 min Accessed from

Web Sites

htttp:// (Discussion thread: The Palmarian Church: Anyone familiar with these guys?). (Transcriptions of apparition messages from La Cruz Blanca).

/category/christian/palmarian-church/(Irish organization working against cults, including 50+ posts about the Palmarian Church). 10/?fref=ts (Palmarian Church–Iglesia Palmariana: Disussion group on Palmarian issues) (Discussion group: El Palmar de Troya Apparitions/ Apariciones). (Palmar de Troya: discussion on Palmar de Troya and the Palmarian church). (Palmar de Troya Support, critical homepage with ex-members’ testimonies). (Links to all posts on the Palmarian Catholic Church on this website, including both studies and digitized Palmarian sources) (The Palmarian sedevacantist Archidona group’s site including downloadable Palmarian material).

Media coverage of the Palmarian Crisis in 2016

Links to newspaper articles, etc

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